A Provençal institution of more than a century

Created in 1931 by Fernand Capello, former head Chef of the Regina palace in Nice, L’Auberge des Maures, quickly became the first temple of the local gastronomy.
The family friendliness is set for lunch and dinner, on the terrace in the garden or during winters, in the great room by the fireplace.
Abundance of Provençal flavors with homemade specialties of the chef: hare civet, barigoule artichokes, grilled lobsters, seabass with sage …
Bookings have to be held two months in advance.
On the guestbook, prestigious signatures of movie stars: David Niven who signs “here the (sea)wolves are not bad”, Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, Brigitte Bardot; poets: Jean Cocteau or Paul Eluard who celebrates his wedding in 1950, with Pablo Picasso as his witness, who offers to the Capello family one of his most famous drawings, La Colombe de la Paix, accompanied by a priceless signature.
Dunoyer de Segonzac and Colette, legendary lovers of Saint Tropez, make up vibrant book entries for the establishment: “Long life to the Auberge des Maures, its sea bream, its divine grills, and live Saint-Tropez, home of the Bravades! ” enthused the painter, followed by the famous owner of the Muscat Treille:” garlic, saffron, thyme, sun, scorpion fish, artichokes where the oil of Provence mourns, I entrust you the rest of my life. Make it long and good.”

For more than twenty years, Evelyn and Philippe welcome you to their “garden” and charm you with their authenticity and friendliness. Nestled in the heart of a Saint-Tropez alley with jasmine and laurel aromas, L’Auberge des Maures exudes Provence. Each week the decorations of the restaurant are realized with tastes and style, the fresh colors of the tablecloths succeed one another under the vine which shades the terrace.
The frescoes of the lavender field or of the village, the collection of santons, the wall of cicadas or the olive oils are there to be admired.
Their chef, Yves Damond and his brigade, are the guardians of Provençal culinary traditions.
Delicacies with the famous beignets of zucchini flowers, barigoule artichokes, Provençal stuffed vegetables, shoulder of lamb, barbecue grilled meats, fresh fish … or the egg flan, tiramisu, chocolate mellow… are the traditional sweets .
Lovers of good food are not wrong and success requires, booking is always recommended.
The Auberge des Maures has been for decades a recommendation from the famous Michelin Guide